Yarn Along

Yarning along with Ginny today over at Small Things. I'm still working on Silas' blanket. Now that I have a couple of inches done the pattern is starting to emerge and it is becoming quite clear that I've lost count of my stitches a couple of times. The prospect of ripping back is just really too much to bear, so these little errors will become part of who this blanket is. They will be reminders of exactly what was distracting me in that moment and pushing stitch numbers out of my head: my baby boy.

The yarn pictured is some that I frogged from a diaper soaker whose pattern I didn't like enough to finish. My plans are to use it to make a yarn mobile inspired by this one created by Sara at Making Life. He needs a little something new to look at. I've just finished Creative Play for Your Baby and now have a couple more lovely Waldorf-inspired projects to make for the little one. I really liked how most of the projects use things around the house and transform them into developmental toys for baby. Right up my alley. And I'm almost finished with Simplicity Parenting, a title that I started a year ago when I was first pregnant, but put down when I gave up reading during my first trimester.


  1. Great pic! And that mobile is awesome. I'm done with mobiles, but could be a great gift!
    How do you like Simplicity Parenting? That's one of my faves.

  2. The yarn is beautiful and will make a lovely mobile! And I like that Creative Play ... it's got some great ideas.


  3. I don't know how you manage to read so many books with a newbie! You always have great reviews and book tips though. I will have to check out the Creative Play one, thanks!