Three Years in the Making

Last night Steve and I enjoyed a three-year-delayed gratification: homegrown asparagus. A grad school professor and friend of mine gave us several Purple Passion crowns three years ago. Even though we planted them immediately, one must wait for them to get established before harvesting. We shared four spears last night and asparagus has never tasted sweeter.


  1. Good for you. Your four spears look great.

  2. How wonderful that you shared the "bounty"!

    Thank for coming by and commenting on my blog.


  3. lol...that is what I am thinking about my grapes...ummm...three years from now they are going to taste so delicious! (Happy belated mother's day back Mama!)


  4. I planted about 30 asparagus seed in March 2009 against an east facing deer fence (wire mesh, so it allows light through in the afternoon) in a bed two feet wide and fifteen feet long. Against the fence I planted pole beans. A little over two years later I have 29 plants and have just finished harvesting about 100 spears and the ferns are coming in strong - lots over 18 inches high. This is the west coast so we have a long growing season, but I think the beans are the key - asparagus is a heavy feeder and the beans have nitrogen fixing bacteria in the roots. It may take a while to get the rewards..... but they last for years... too many times I've procrastinated about starting something and regreted the fact a few years later.... Plant now and your children will never have known a time when they didn't live from the garden.