More Benefits of Lazy Gardening

A year ago last November we planted our first garlic crop. I don't think I wrote much about it here, but it was the most satisfying gardening experience that I've had. We planted 50 little cloves and over the cover of winter they turned into 50 bulbs of beautiful garlic. For anyone with just a little bit of space and just a smidge of a desire to grow their own food, garlic is such an excellent choice. It's so incredibly easy to grow, after being properly dried it keeps for a long time, and it's an easy way to lower your carbon footprint (unless marked otherwise, all supermarket garlic is grown in China and shipped here).

Well, I must have missed harvesting a couple of bulbs because this spring we had some shoots of green appear where the garlic used to be. So, without even trying we have yummy spring garlic!

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  1. i never would have thought about growing garlic. i wonder if it would work in container gardening as i live in an apartment. you are very correct unless marked otherwise garlic is from china AND Chinese garlic is not as strong as other garlics so growing your own is good for both you taste buds & lowering your carbon foot print.