Butterfly Mobile

Awhile ago I replaced the whale mobile over the changing table with a newspaper butterfly one. Silas is a big fan. He especially loves it when the windows are open and the butterflies dance gently in the breeze. We've also found that in fussy moments we can blow on it to get it moving and it pretty much blows his mind.

There are similar mobiles on Etsy, but I decided to make my own out of newspaper, cardboard, string, and some seed beads that I've been carrying around in my "craft box" since I was about 12. It was a fairly easy project, but a bit of a fussy one with the threading of the beads and butterflies on a needle and thread.

One word of caution if you decide to make something similar for your little one: remove the obituary section from the newspaper (if there is one) before you start cutting. I just happily cut away and didn't notice until the thing was finished and hanging up that the words "death notice" were displayed loud and proud on one of the butterflies. Not exactly in keeping with the Zen-like vibe that I was going for.

I had several more mobiles in mind that I wanted to make, but I think I'm losing steam. Especially now that it's spring and the outdoors are calling, even if just for walks around the yard.


  1. Great idea! I'm seriously taking note of these projects of yours for when my little one arrives in October!

  2. great project I like how you used newspaper.

  3. You are the mobile mama! great job!

  4. what a great mobile & fantastic use of old newspapers.

  5. very cool!

    I am giving away a copy of the Third Addition of Back to Basics, this would be a great entry if your interested.