Ren over at Lady of the Arts is doing a series of Wabi-Sabi pictures from fellow bloggers and she's inspired me to look around my own space. Wabi-Sabi is the ancient Japanese art of finding beauty in all accepts of life including imperfections. It is based on the elements that nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. It is about finding perfection in imperfection; an aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience.

Steve and I spent almost all of the money we got as gifts for our wedding on curtains for our new home. It was December and we were cold and we thought it was a good investment. We got these thermal roman shades for what was his office at the time and what became the baby's room. We didn't do anything as wise as measure our windows before we went to the store and these shades are a good three inches too narrow. They were a bear to install and Steve refused to take them down, saying that we would just live with it. Now they let me see a sliver of sunrise every morning when I'm up to feed and change the babe.

This picture frame has been sitting empty since Silas' birth, waiting for me to choose a photo and get prints made. But instead of being empty, I try to see it as being full of the possibility of his ever changing moments.

This baby romper has been in my work basket for over a year. I still have to knit the hood and stitch it all together even though it will be too small to fit on the babe, not to mention the fact that it's now warm enough that he really has no need for a wool romper. But, this pile of stitches, incomplete as it is, reminds me that the time I could have spent finishing it, I spent with my newborn instead.

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  1. I love the wabi-sabi series Lady Ren is doing and glad you joined in. I like looking at imperfections and "mistakes" in a positive light. Its making the choice to be happy with your decisions instead of regretting them. I need to wabi-sabi more often!