There is something profoundly beautiful in seeing my partner care for our son. As a youngest child with not a lot of extended family, Steve doesn't have much experience with babies. To complicate matters, his physique, all long lines and angles, doesn't seem to lend itself to cradling little ones. Holding his first infant this past fall - our nephew - he was so nervous and uncomfortable. Unsure about where to put his hands and how to support such a little body. I think the experience may have given him more trepidation about holding our own child, rather than less. But when he held Silas for the first time, he did so with confidence and deft. The two were made for each other. He is always eager to pick up the babe and shows him nothing but tenderness. It would seem that this should be surprising to me, but it's not. Sure, I had my concerns about both of our abilities as parents, but once our child was actually here those concerns evaporated as instinct kicked in.  


  1. I love this. I remember Chris did not like to hold babies before ours as well. Although he absolutely loved them and would talk about our friends babies with such excitement, actually holding a baby that was younger then 5 or 6 months scared him. Once we had our Cami he couldn't wait to hold her and spent many hours cuddling with both of our littles. Its the most beautiful thing to watch for sure!

  2. Sweet...its a beautiful life!