Works in Progress

For 35 weeks I've been able to stave off any and all fall or winter colds. Many people told me that while pregnant I should expect to catch every little bug that went around. So, I was careful, getting as much sleep as I needed, eating better than I ever have, and avoiding all the illness "hot spots." But, I must have let my guard down. I've attacked this bad boy with everything in my arsenal, and he will still not be tamed. So, I'll take it as a sign to slow down, put my feet up, and rest. And what a perfect time to make some progress on the workbasket, no?

This has yet to be cast on, but it is next on my "big project" list: a cabled baby blanket. My prior (and only) baby blanket attempt took me three years to complete. Let's hope this one goes a bit more quickly. 

A wool baby romper. I have sweet visions of this being what Baby Cable wears for his/her birth announcement photos and I just might get it finished in time. It's a bit of a repetitive mindless knit, so it has been my go-to project when I can't sleep and need to get up for a bit in the middle of the night.

A wool baby aviatrix cap. This is so close to being done. I'm stumped by how to pick up stitches to do the chin strap. Online video tutorials have been helpful, but I still want to make a trip to my LYS to have someone show me how to do it in person.

And there you have it. What's in your workbasket?


  1. How fun knit for your baby. Definitely sit back and relax with some knitting before the baby comes.
    Right now I have a scarf on my knitting needles. A late Christmas gift.

  2. Wow! Looks like you have been busy! Cute...
    I managed to ward off sickess until earlier this week as well. Sick and pregnant is not a good combination.
    Hope you are feeling well. Seeing your post has motivated me to start making something for my new bean as well... I have been so focused on xmas gifts that I havent dedicated any craft time to the wee one in my belly.