Pets and Babies

There are three cats and a dog in our menagerie of animals. Steve and I have talked often about how we think they will react once there is a baby in the house. They all have such distinct personalities and the only one that I really worry about in making that adjustment is Nikita, our dog. She's a very sweet girl and my worry is not that she'll be aggressive towards the baby, but she is incredibly attached to me and I do worry about how she'll handle no longer being at the center of my attention. She completely ignores other beings (namely, Steve and the cats) and will step on them to get to me and gets noticeably jealous if I have a kitty in my lap. We just can't have her doing those things to a baby and I'm not at all sure how to deal with it. I feel like there is preparation that I should be doing now so that she can get used to our new world without associating her sudden lack of attention with the baby. My midwives advise that these things generally have a way of working out and maybe it is one of those things that we'll just have to deal with post-birth day. I hope so.


  1. Sounds to me like you are borrowing worry!

    My guess it that N will be ever MORE protective of you and the baby- an extension of you- she'll smell that the baby is yours-

    I agree with your midwives.

  2. Pets do make new parents worry~ our little dog Lucy is a bit of a grump with our older grandkids and i was concerned how she would be towards our most recent grandaughter since she had never been around a baby~ she has done very well! she sits as close to the baby as she can and so far has not shown any aggression towards her~ i think she senses that i am protective of the baby, and she does the same~ i hope this gives you a bit of comfort~

  3. I had a jealous dog when I had my oldest daughter years ago. At the time, I was also worried how he would react to a baby in the house. I found some wonderful advice that may help you ~ if you are planning a hospital birth, have your husband bring a blanket that the baby had contact with home each evening and introduce the dog to your baby's scent. We did this two nights in a row and by the time the baby came home ~ the dog was familiar with her scent and actually quite happy to see her. I don't know if introducing the scent that way helped, but we never had any problems. Now if you are giving birth at home....well...not sure how that would work. :)