Lone Holiday Crafted Gift

Happy New Year! We didn't do much to celebrate the turn-over to 2011, but I did make one quiet resolution to myself, which is to spend more time in this space. As I'm searching to find a rhythm to my days at home I need a structured time of reflection. So let's start with the one hand-made gift that actually made it under the tree this year, shall we?

I don't think I've ever seen my husband sans hat. Even around the house. When we first met it was a John Deere baseball cap (which I found irresistibly adorable). Then a blue knit cap. And for the last three years or so, his daily wardrobe has included a white baseball cap from where he works. The poor fellow needed something new.

It's the Striped Hat pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas; so incredibly easy to knit, even for this girl who has never done anything in the round before. None of my local yarn stores carried the yarn I was looking for, so I had to substitute. The main yarn is Berroco Cuzco Alpaca/Wool in the colorway "Potting Soil Mix." The stripe is Blue Sky Alpacas cotton in "Pumpkin." What's that you say? You're not supposed to mix cotton and wool in the same project? Well, this novice doesn't know any better, so she went ahead and did it. It was a smashing success.


  1. love the orange band. looks great!

  2. Very nice job! I love handmade!

  3. what a thoughtful gift! the colors are great and so are the color names.

    i think he likes it. does this mean you have another 3 years to work on the next hat?