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A big part of why it's taken me so long to feel at home in our house is that I hadn't yet taken the time to really occupy the space in a way that works for me. When we chose our house and when we moved in, we had all sorts of notions about the kind of life that we would live as a married couple. It took us awhile, though, to realize that those notions no longer suited us. In our younger dating years we were a couple who entertained. We threw parties and drank and served appetizers. And so we chose a house that would facilitate the same. But we had closed our eyes to the fact that that wasn't "us" anymore. Or maybe it was marriage and buying a house that made that not "us" anymore. I don't really know. But, we are quieter and calmer. We'd rather cook a three course meal for just the two of us than whip up a selection of appetizers to serve 30. And we're quite happy with that.

It's taken a lot of inward looking, but I'm starting to get to a place where I can let go of the past and make a nest that reflects who we are now, in this moment, and who we aspire to be. The "baby's" room has been a part of this process. Maybe my eyes will be opened once I actually have a baby, but I just have a hard time understanding why a baby, especially a newborn, really needs his/her own room. So, I'm taking my new found insight and applying it to what would be the "baby's" room (although, we're having a tough time figuring out what else to call it) and making it a space where mama can easily access the things that she wants and needs to do, including caring for the little one.

Part of that space is mama's office.

Most of the time hidden away (because I've never really liked the look of electronics) behind the closet doors...

Inside is my computer, our files, and some storage. There's still a little bit of TLC needed here, but the bones of the space are in place. I love how tucked away it is. I really love that I can shut the doors and keep myself from mindlessly wasting entire mornings online. In short, it works for me and that's about all I can ask.

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  1. Courtney - I laughed at this, great minds think alike!!!