Life Finding a Way

Very early this spring, Steve and I planted an apricot tree. I have to admit that I've been reluctant to really put down roots at this house. It's not our "forever" house, but we do plan on being there for the foreseeable future. So, I'm trying to strike a balance between being productive and investing in our current place, with not spending all my time in labors that won't actually bear fruit until we are long gone from this place. Planting this tree was an exercise in the former. I knew when I ordered it that I would probably never eat its fruit. I knew that I would probably never see it grow to its full height when it would provide a shady spot in our lawn for our children to play. But, I wanted to plant a fruit tree. So I did.

It made a noble effort, really it did. There was no green on it when we transplanted it and even though I knew (don't we always "know"?) that I needed to protect its tiny little trunk with something, I failed to do so. The rabbits ignored it for two months until one day when I came home from work and found it gnawed off about 6 inches from the ground. Now, there are plenty of tasty treats in my yard that the bunnies are free to help themselves to. I thought that by offering such, they would leave the things that I want to eat alone. They apparently did not receive the memo. Resigned to my loss, I made plans for pulling out the remaining twig and planting another tree there in the fall when lo and behold the deluge of rain that we've had in the past few weeks caused my little twig to burst forth with some leaves. She may have been set back a bit, but I think she's going to make it. This time, let's hope that I learn from my mistake and actually put up a tree shelter before the bunnies realize what a delicious treat apricot leaves are.


  1. PS - I'd love to reach out and grab and slice and promptly eat up those tomatoes in your header.

  2. This is a good reminder for me, I have to get protection around my new cherry tree. I took pictures of the bunny living around our yard this morning.