In the kitchen

Right now I'm loving:

:: Farmer's Market produce. I thought that seasonal eating would feel like deprivation, but it doesn't. It feels like celebration.

:: Recipe gems in old cookbooks, like the cream of asparagus soup above from The Moosewood Cookbook.

:: Strawberries and cream. Is there a more perfect dessert?

:: Old timey coffee grinders. (More on this later!)

:: A partner who has a sense of adventure in the kitchen. I never thought that this would be important to me, but Steve always eats what I put on the menu, no matter what's in it. I know many people who have to plan around certain food aversions, but the thought of cooking without onions, for example, makes me grateful that Steve is who he is.


  1. THe moosewood cookbook is such a gem isn't it?
    I really need to buy it, i've checked it out from the library so many times.
    your soup looks super yummy!
    I also appreciate that my husband eats what i cook without complaint, he even complimented my 'vegan collard mac'. He;s definitely a keeper.

  2. I have made that exact soup and I have the exact bowl but never put that soup in that bowl.

    My MIL bought me that book when we were first married- And the bowl I use (for no good reason) just for French Onion Soup- but I should use them more often!

    I am so with you- a friends husband doesn't eat onion and that would be hard for me-
    Just having to think about it is exhausting me!
    Yes Keep him.

    My husband used to not like blue cheese but I reformed him- besides that he'll eat anything but parsnip-
    I'm going to keep him too.

  3. love LOVE strawberries and cream yum!

    one of my favorite kitchen gadgets is my brass turkish coffee grinder that is my pepper mill.

  4. Yum! Can I come eat at your house? :)