Thank you all so much for your well wishes and advice about the neti pot! I think I'm going to keep it around and continue to use it on a regular "maintenance" basis. My main beef with it was that my nose started to run horribly right after I used it, but that could have just been the natural progression of the cold and not necessarily caused by the neti pot. I'm willing to give it another shot!

In gardening news: All that was once inside on my window sill is now outside in the raised beds and only showing signs of slight transplant shock. The cauliflower and eggplant have been outside for two weeks now, but the peppers and tomatoes were just transplanted on Sunday. The only complete failure that I had were the onions. Are onions just really hard to start from seed? They took off like gangbusters to begin with and then they just shriveled up.

I had enough scrap lumber to build 6 raised beds, but I am in need of two more.  I'd still like to direct seed some cucumbers and beans. There's never really enough garden space, is there?

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