Spring Herbs

One thing that I'm really enjoying this spring is the robustness of my herb garden. Planted last year and not producing much, it has been a delight to watch the growth and spread of cilantro, parsley, thyme, rue, oregano, mint, and chives this season.

We've been putting chives in everything that we cook lately. They were the first to be harvest-ready and we were starved for garden-fresh things to eat. Chive potatoes, chive soups, chives on fish, chives on all our salads...we are definitely reaping their richness in vitamins A, C, calcium, and iron.

The little guys have flowered recently. I've read that the flowers are also edible, but I haven't tried them yet. They're just so beautiful, and useful! Not only do they repel harmful insects, but they also provide an early forage source for beneficials, such as bees. They've been cultivated since the Middle Ages, so clearly I'm not their only fan. They're incredibly easy to grow, so they're perfect for a lazy gardener like me.


  1. That last flower photo is simply beautiful - the way the light almost shines out of the flower top...

  2. So jealous! We have nothing actually even close to harvest ready yet...but we have lots of radishes, spinach, broccoli, and carrots poking their little heads through Mother Earth! yippee!

  3. We have basil and cilantro starting here, but nowhere near ready! Those chives look beautiful (and taste good too!).