Lily of the Valley

Happy May! To celebrate, my Lily of the Valley showed their lovely, tiny, little faces. I learned that since 1561, it has been a French custom to give a sprig of Lily of the Valley as a celebration of spring. So, here you go!

I desperately wanted my bridesmaids to carry bunches of Lily of the Valley at my wedding. When I told this to my florist she just sort-of chuckled at me. I love them because they're so tiny and they look like little fairy hats, but this quality also means that you need a gazillion of them to make up a bouquet. Not exactly budget-friendly.

So, last year I got several from a woman on Freecycle and they are becoming well-established in their new home. They are adorable and the perfect reminder of the new growth and bounty of the season. Enjoy!


  1. I grew up having these in our back yard. Oh how I miss my old little friends.

  2. These are gorgeous! (and you did a great job photographing them!)