Salix Discolor

The Pussy Willow that we planted last fall is thriving. This grew from a cutting that I got from a woman on freecycle almost two years ago, along with some Corkscrew Willow cuttings. I stuck all the branches in a pot of water and let them sit outside for about 3 months. I really just forgot about them. All the leaves died and fell off and then most of the branches turned black. Just when I was about to throw the whole mess out, a mass of roots burst forth. So, I stuck each one in a bucket of potting soil and let them live inside for the winter. And then the summer (because I never got around to planting them). The three Corkscrew Willows I re-gave-away on freecycle because we really didn't have a spot for them, but we finally planted the Pussy Willow last October or so.  Steve was very excited because he has fond memories of a Pussy Willow that grew outside his childhood home.

As it turns out, it's male. Pussy Willows are dioecious, meaning that there are separate male and female plants. Both have catkins, but only the males develop these tiny yellow flowers, which I've never had the pleasure of seeing before. I saw a little bee on it yesterday. A little early nectar to help him along!


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  2. I'm so glad you dropped by! Welcome!