No-Cash Wallet

Of course, I needed a wallet to go with my new bag. So, I made Amy Karol's No-Cash Wallet from Bend the Rules Sewing. As you can see, I'm still struggling with sewing curves. Practice, practice!

Overall, I like it. It's called a "No-Cash Wallet" because it only has pockets for credit/debit cards. If I were to do this over, I would modify it to include a small pocket for some dollars. Also, I would shorten the whole thing up. There seems to be too much space in between the pockets, making the whole thing rather floppy.

This book is due back to the library in a little over a week and there's one more project that I want to try out of it: a tote bag. I love the bag that I'm currently using, but I've been carrying it around with me every day for the past two years. It's time for an update.

Note: I am using the first edition of this book, which contains some errors that were fixed in later editions. Find the errata at Karol's Flicker Pool. This pattern in particular does have errors.


  1. Keep us posted on the tote! I need one! Since you know, my purse isn't big enough for a book and it needs to be...and now my writing notebook too!


  2. I'm really going to have to get that book - your projects have been so cute!

    In other news - check out the Pie Bird blog today.... there's something special for you waiting there!

  3. Your wallet has great character. I also checked out Bend the Rules from the library and made this wallet. Mine would have looked better if I put the snap in before I sewed it together but you learn from every project I guess.