In the Details

These little flowers opened up yesterday. The woman who gave the plants to me called them "hardy geraniums," but I haven't been able to figure out exactly what that means. A quick Google search didn't turn up anything that looked quite like these, but I plan to poke around a little bit more to see what I can find.

I credit most, if not all, of my photography success with the quality of my camera. When I download the photos to my computer I'm always surprised by the amount of detail that is there - more than I notice with my naked eye.

I love the close and thoughtful study that this allows me to do. A moment frozen in time.

Update: I found out that it is a "Biokovo Karmina Cranesbill" Geranium, which are native to the Biokovo Mountain region in Croatia.


  1. beautiful photographs, beautiful pinks...

  2. I would credit most of the photographic success to your talent and wonderful eye for capturing a moment. Cheers!

  3. Those are beautiful! Isn't it funny how looking at things from the camera's eye gives us more perspective? I took a shot of the moon the other day after a walk and couldn't believe what I saw when it was downloaded! The beauty in front of me was MORE in the photo, if that makes sense. Removing everything else except for what was in the frame intensified the moment. It allowed focus to appreciate the beauty even more. Kinda cool (: