Too Much Stuff

An incredible sense of comfort and calm washed over me as I settled into bed last night. We're refinancing our mortgage and in preparation for today's visit from the appraiser, Steve and I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Everything was clean, all was in its place. My mind was at rest, coming from a productive day and this sense of order.

I'm trying to find a balance between letting go of the "stuff" we don't need or use and not living a disposable lifestyle. Part of living sustainably, I believe, is taking full responsibility for all the stuff that comes into my life. This means that when I no longer need or want an item, I need to either refashion it to serve another purpose for me or find someone who does want and need it. This takes time, meaning that the flow of stuff going out of the house is barely at a trickle. All salable items get donated to Goodwill and all other stuff goes on Freecycle. I have been consistently surprised and delighted at the random things that I offer there that find a happy new owner.

Last night's feeling of tranquility has shown me that I need to redouble my efforts. I have a 30 year backlog of stuff that I'm trying to deal with and it's time to just let it go.

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