Knitting Lessons 6

Intarsia! In case you couldn't tell...that's a sailboat in there. I think I'm to the point where I can competently read a knitting pattern and discern whether or not it's a good one. This one was not. The issues of stitch tightness around the changes in color are mine, but the wonky shape of the inset is the fault of the pattern. It was just riddled with really basic errors (like the number of stitches in each row), but I didn't read through it closely enough before I started in order to catch it. Lesson learned. I also probably should have done something more simple (like a square) for my first foray into intarsia. But, those things aside, the intarsia process was fun and I love, love, love what you can do with it!

I'm in love with the yarn, as well. It's from my birthday stash and it's pima cotton. I never thought that the difference between good and cheap yarn would be so striking, but it really is. This was just a dream to work with. Luckily, I still have quite a bit of it left.

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