Knitting Lessions 4

Here is the dinosaur bib.
I followed this pattern and used Lily Original Sugar'n Cream worsted weight cotton in Red. This was my first project with a stockinette stitch, but it also allowed me to practice some other new skills: increasing and decreasing rows, seed stitch, and I-cords. I have to say, I really struggled with this one. I think that reading patterns, in and of itself, is a skill. It seems that, at times, the writer assumes the reader knows things that aren't made explicit in the pattern. I'm sure this is fine for a more experienced knitter, but for a beginner like me it can be incredibly frustrating. For example, I know that in seed stitch you start every row with a knit if you have an odd number of stitches on a row and you alternate starting with a knit and a purl if you have an even number of stitches on a row. But, I found myself getting very confused on this bib because I was constantly adding and subtracting stitches and wasn't really sure how to start each row. I also struggled with casting on additional stitches in the middle of a pattern. I have been using a backward loop cast-on in these instances, because it's the easiest, but my edges ended up looking very messy and uneven. Now that I've learned how to knit-on, I think I'll use that instead as it seems to give a much more finished-looking edge.

Next up? I have a simple intarsia pattern that I was hoping to try, although I may first do another garter stitch bib with stripes so that I can practice changing colors. Eeek!

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