Hiatus from Knitting

At my chiropractic appointment last night, I was sternly told that if I ever want the tendonitis in my wrists to subside, I have to hold off on the knitting for awhile. This is not what I wanted to hear. I would much rather continue knitting and hold off on the computer work that I do instead. But, that's not really an option and Dr. Jane is a smart lady so I think I'll listen to her.

It seems everyone I know has had some sort of repetitive stress injury related to a job they've had at some point, usually from working in a cubicle farm or a factory. My wrists first started to give me trouble eight years ago when I was living my Hollywood dreams. I worked in a production office typing transcriptions of raw interview footage. My station was in the editing bay, so I was surrounded by a host of creative individuals and loved seeing the raw footage that I worked with transformed into slickly produced shows. But transcription involves lots of "pausing" and "playing" of the video and lots and lots of typing. The pain was chronic and I couldn't sleep at night because both of my arms would go completely numb. I had finally decided to see a doctor about it when life circumstances caused me to leave that job and move back to Iowa. Slowly, the pain subsided and my wrists healed, although the damage was permanent. As long as I didn't try to do repetitive tasks for too long, they were ok. The work I did in the intervening years was more active and varied, which helped. And then I got my current job, complete with ball and chain that traps me at a desk for eight hours a day with little to do and nothing but a computer screen staring back at me.

I don't think that people were meant to sit in front of computers all day long. I mean physically. Our bodies just can't take it. Even with the most ergonomically designed work station, our bodies are not meant to sit upright and sedentary for hours and hours and hours. It is so frustrating to have the things that I enjoy doing--knitting, kneading bread, writing here--be compromised by pain caused by a job that I'm completely ambivalent about. I would get another job, but there are no other jobs.

So, I take a deep breath and I remind myself that it's all to a purpose. I'm working here now so that I don't have to in the future. I'm working here now to pay off our debts so that we can afford to move. I'm working here now so that tomorrow, I can be free.

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  1. That totally sucks- I am sorry! I hope you can return to your passion soon- Boo for computer jobs.