Knitting Lessons

I finished my first real, perhaps useful, knitting project! I know that this is an incredibly simple pattern and I'm about at the knitting level of a six-year-old, but I'm happy about it none-the-less.  It's a very simple baby bib in garter stitch from this pattern, using Lily Sugar'n Cream Naturals in worsted weight. The color is "Sonoma Print."
It was super quick to finish (yay instant gratification!), coming together after only a couple hours, which were spread out over several nights. It has inspired me to do a series of bibs, each one introducing me to a new stitching pattern or skill.  A do-it-yourself tutorial, if you will.  Next up is a seed stitch with a cable.  I've always found cables very intimidating, but I think it's time to dive on in.  I just did a quick search on Ravelry and there are just a ton of free bib patterns. I'm very excited.

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  1. interesting that the 'cable' stitch would be difficult... especially for you! lol