Finding balance

It's hard not to get impatient.  To have goals and dreams that you know are totally within your ability, but for which you struggle to find the time to prepare.  It's hard to focus on progress made, rather than to see how much still needs to be done.  In an effort to focus on the good instead of the negative, I'll list here some of my successes while I set my challenges aside to ponder over on another day.

It makes me happy that in the last year I...
  • built a compost bin and use it daily.
  • have not purchased a single trash bag (because I reuse our cat and dog food bags).
  • have kept a well-paying, full-time job for 8 months; the longest in my adult life.
  • made actual decisions instead of just staying the course.
  • tried making my own vinegar.
  • cooked many delicious meals.
  • ate kale, swiss chard, eggplant, and brussels sprouts for the first time in my life. And loved them.
  • completely (at least, to my knowledge) stopped eating factory farmed meat.
  • made an effort to treat my husband with kindness and gentleness.
  • made myself vulnerable instead of walling myself off.
  • planted food.
  • harvested food.
  • for the first time, canned tomatoes, made apple butter, and fermented pickles.
  • picked up knitting needles and allowed myself to fail as well as succeed.
  • took ownership of my life and my actions.
There. That feels better.

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