Long Breaks

I've had lots of excuses. First it was the fact that my wrists hurt from typing at the office all day long. Then it was the traveling and all the distractions that come with the holidays. Then it was something else. But. No excuses or apologies. I guess I needed a break. What's important is that I'm here now.

I'm still struggling to live in this place at this moment. I get very wrapped up in and excited about the possibilities of the future and distracted and disappointed about the past that I completely and totally neglect the present. So. I'm workin' on it.

In this present moment:

I'm determined to finish a knitting project that I started over two years ago. It's a baby blanket that was originally intended for a friend's first baby. That child is now 2 and she and her husband are expecting baby number 2. I have until April and I am confident I can finish it. Only 10 or so inches to go.

My weekend plans include making chicken stock. This will be my second go. The first was a resounding success, bringing me many rich and delicious winter soups. I've got 3 carcasses in the freezer and another will be added tomorrow. That's a lot of chicken stock.

My other weekend plans involve selling things on ebay. There are five huge Rubbermaid tubs of my childhood toys that I've been carting around with me for the last couple decades. I'm ready to let them go. Someone else can give room to my complete collection of She-Ra dolls.

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