My wheat berries came in the mail on Saturday and I was able to plant them in my backyard on Sunday. I have a plot that is roughly 10' x 20' and I sowed about a pound and a half of seed. I have visions of needing a sickle come July, but we'll see what happens.

Last time he was here, Dad told me fantastic stories of his father growing flax and Mom told me that she remembers Dad growing rye at some point. Yay for small grains! I had originally planned on just planting the wheat as a cover crop for the winter, but now I'm excited at the prospect of actually harvesting it and grinding it into flour. My husband is still quite skeptical at the need or the practicality of milling one's own grains, but I think I almost have him convinced. Almost. I already have all these wonderful recipes that use sprouted grain flour to try. It may be a long winter of waiting.

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  1. I have aspirations to grow my own but never have. However I do grind my own flour!