Coming back to Knitting

I picked up a knitting project last night that I had set down and not thought about for about two years. It's a baby blanket that I started for friends of ours when they were expecting their first child. That child is now almost three and they have their second on the way. Here's to procrastination!

I don't consider myself especially adept at knitting. I've only ever finished three projects: a hot pad that was my "learn-to-knit" project when I was 10; and two scarves I made when I was 24, one for my now-husband and one for my niece. My mother knitted in the seventies, but that was before my time, and while I do have some beautiful afghans that my grandmother knitted, I don't ever remember seeing her knit them. So, I don't come from a fiber crafts background to say the least and never really had such activities modeled for me. So, to some degree, I'm on my own. I would like to have the knowledge that I could make what I needed. To be able to craft things that are tailor made for my own needs with materials of my choosing and that are invested with so much time and care that it would not even occur to me not to treat them with respect, keep and use them for as long as possible, and to pass them on to my children someday.

There are people who describe things like knitting as "relaxing" and I'm hoping that I will be able to see it as such. And soon. For me, knitting is still incredibly laborious. My hands get all cramped up from holding the needles (probably from holding them too tightly and not at all correctly), my neck hurts from craning over to see what I'm doing, and my fingers hurt from trying to manipulate the yarn. I'm hoping the process of slipping stitches from needle to needle will ease with time and experience. That I'll be able to hold a conversation while stitching and that it will be a quiet activity that I can do in the evening. Until then, I will struggle through this blanket and then making things that are small and practical (I think I need some less-delayed gratification); some dishrags. I bought some non-plastic cellulose sponges about a year ago and I'm on my last one. They have been a great and biodegradable option, but I'd prefer to make rather than to buy something to replace them and I envision a metal basket on my counter stuffed with knitted dishrags. Well, at least one dishrag.


  1. One of my goals this year is to learn to knit also. I taught myself to crochet when I was in high school and have always enjoyed it, but now knitting is calling me. :) Any tips for a total knitting newbie?

  2. I don't know if I'm any source for good tips! But, what worked for me was to start small. I'm doing a series of baby bibs, each one introducing me to a new knitting skill. Because they're small, I finish them quickly, which helps to build my confidence, and keeps me interested because I'm constantly challenging myself and learning new things. Good luck!